Friday, June 26, 2009

This Woman

I was leaving work today and this woman was standing outside of the building handing out Mike Bloomberg for mayor flyers.

She seemed to be of some Eastern European descent (I could tell by her accent when she handed me the flyer and said "Take one please for Mike Bloomberg." I asked her if I could take her picture, "Oh yes, thank you!" After I took my two shots she came up close to me and said, "Maybe you can change the mouth?" as she was pointing at her lips. I was confused and asked her what she meant and she said, "You know, like re-touch."

Um... Why would I ever re-touch this gorgeousness? She's kind of my hero.
I've always said that when I reach a certain age I am going to just wear WHATEVER I WANT all the time. What I mean is, at a certain point in your thirties and forties you kind of have to tone it down a bit because you're no longer a child. However once you reach kooky senior citizendom then you can wear chaps with a mohair sweater and it's fine because you're an old person.

But I digress...

Just please take a full look at her outfit: a red and blue lamé robe held together by a bedazzled 8th Street belt (is that a G buckle for 8th Street Gucci?), red plastic squared off aviators, a black flapper style headband with a black feather side pouf...and yes she's got on a sort of Broadway dance shoe (the kind Juliet Prouse wore in the later years. Cyd Charisse etc.) and a pair of flannel (? it was 86 degrees today, and humid!!) palazzo pants underneath? BUT, of course, the most important thing is her choker. Zoom in on that shit. IT'S A REAL APPLE. With a round of fishing wire keeping it around her neck? Stellar.

I wish my girl here (I'm going to call her Klara) was running for mayor. I need more of her in New York. She is hott.

I want to find her again. I didn't ask her name.

Here's my second shot:

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  1. Thank You,,,classic Andreas...keep going...This is so much better then other sites of "style"---the luxury-designer-just-bought-at-Barney's-look, which is displayed to a yawn elsewhere...have your camera ready,