Friday, June 19, 2009

Pimm's Cups

I first tried a Pimm's cup when I went to Wimbledon ten years ago by myself, bought a grounds ticket and got totally sloppy on a hill watching a jumbotron of a Centre Court match between Patrick Rafter and someone else (for you tennis geeks out there he lost to Sampras that year, I think Sampras was beating everyone at the time but Patrick Rafter was cute). And last year in Fire Island (and multiple times this year) my friend Vicky reintroduced me to the joys of Pimms. For those of you not aware, Pimms has two varieties that are generally available: No. 1 which is Gin based and No. 2 (?) which is vodka based. Well, No. 1 is the one that is mostly available in the U.S. I don't tend to like Gin (5 martinis, 19 years old, 2 hours, Fez, vomit) but this doesn't taste anything like it.
So I'm in Chicago and my mom is making desserts for my sister's engagement party tomorrow and I thought what better way to liven up the day than get some Pimm's and make some cups. My mom was skeptical. Then I sliced some cucumbers, some lemons, some mint threw them in a tall glass with some ice, poured a what looked like 2 shots in the glass and added some Fresca to it (I know it's supposed to be sprite or ginger ale but I didn't have any, I forgot). About half way through the first glass my mom turned to me and said "Um, this is delicious! I think I have a little buzz already. I want another one." The photo above is the end of both of our second pints. Obsessed. Thanks Vicky and Wimbledon!

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  1. i just had my first pimm's cup of the summer the other night at prune. i think cucumbers should be in all summertime drinks. so refreshing!