Friday, June 19, 2009

For always and forever

Those of you that really know me, know that I have gone through some long periods of being totally obsessed with Days of Our Lives. Today I'm sitting at my mom's house in Chicago and since it has been a torrential, biblical downpour all day I turned on the tv to see how my favorite inhabitants of Salem are doing. It seems I haven't missed a day, although there have been some actors replaced and fired (no more Deidre Hall!) but essentially everything has stayed the same. The Dimeras are still out to get the Bradys, Hope Brady still looks like Skeletor and Jennifer Aniston's father is still a scheming rich Greek. Today is the wake of Sami's daughter Grace. The daughter she kept secret from her ex-lover/nemesis EJ Dimera who fathered the child. And, of course, as consistent as the characters are the four types of sets that they have on the show: the Brady family pub, the church (for weddings and wakes), the houses, and the hospital. Today all are being utilized except for the pub (all the Bradys are at the wake so the pub is closed I guess). So, for old time's sake, let's all raise a glass (while casting a sideways stink eye to your enemy of the day) to Days of Our Lives.

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  1. omg, marlena's gone?! i can't believe she allowed herself to be possessed, then a serial killer (see salem killer), then whatever other ridiculousness and THEN she decided "no, i've had enough." out of control. also, i promise not to comment on every one of your entries but this one i feel deeply about.

    ps. fancyface can go to hell.