Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Return of New York circa 1979?

I was taking the Long Island Railroad the other day, and just as I was about to pull into the Jamaica station I saw the train car above!!! I got really excited because I have only ever seen an entire train car graffitied over in 70s and 80s movies of New York or in that book which came out a couple years ago.
I always thought that all of these new cars were "graffiti proof".
I also love the tag "Warship".
Maybe the economic downturn will bring about less funding for the MTA (wait that's already happened) and the city in general (that's happened too) and then the first thing they'll cut are the cleaning crews and then we'll have the delight of seeing these giant pieces all over again.
And then maybe there will be a crime spree and that'll scare off all of the freaking pansy ass frat boys and their falling-down-drunk bimbo girlfriends who don't belong in New York Fucking City.
Let me dream for a minute.

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