Friday, June 26, 2009


He really meant so much to so many people for such a long time.
I remember when my sister was two my parents bought her the Thriller album and I just remember her hugging it and hugging it (the album) because she loved MJ so much. He was one of the last living true pop (in every sense of the word) global sensations.

This following clip is from the "Bad" tour (1987-88), which is the only time I saw him live and it's one of my favorite songs, "Heartbreak Hotel" which was part of the Jacksons reunion Victory.

The sheer talent:

The outfit! How cute was he? But now I'm really making myself sad.

And for those that think that MJ didn't do anything in the last 15 years, here's a fantastic song from 1995, with a video that got banned on MTV I believe. God bless French TV.


  1. That truly is my first memory, hugging the MJ record-I think I was still in a crib!
    I was sobbing with Ben...he was so cute.
    Nice tribute-thanks for reminding me about They Don't Really Care About Us, that is a great song.

  2. I like MJ as much as the next guy. I grew up with him and he really meant something to me as a teenager in the 80's, but having said that, you can't argue that he's been relevent in the past 15 years with one OK song made 14 years ago.