Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Old Man Shoes

A bunch of friends and I are renting a house in Cherry Grove on Fire Island this summer. It is super chic in a way that only a shabby beach shack decorated by an old drag queen can be. White formica parsons table, faux white mantle, white upright piano, closet full of boas. Amongst the gems, I found of pair of shoes that I fell in love with and I started thinking about how much I love old man shoes. These particular ones are a really great mixture of styles. Shaped like an athletic slip-on, almost like a van but made out of a cottony (but surely synthetic) mesh upper, and a raffia-like faux-espadrille lower. These are really meant for wearing with a pair of Sansabelt shorts, a tucked in polo shirt and some flip-up sunglasses.

Inside we discover the terry cloth insole and the label, gold on black, Lites. I wish that the old queen who lived in my house wore my size in shoes because I would be wearing them around the city now. Obsessed.

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