Friday, July 17, 2009

Whispers by Aeroplane featuring Kathy Diamond

My friend Anthony has, it seems, turned into my music guru. Everything he plays, I like. This is the latest that he played last week at Chris' 30th birthday party. And now I can't stop listening to it. Aeroplane is a Belgian band and Kathy Diamond guests on this track which came out last year and I guess was on a million top 10 lists, but it's new to me. I just want to dance anywhere I am when I hear this song. On the subway, in my apartment, currently at my desk with everyone at lunch.

It's a bit Euro, a bit disco, a bit perfect. Drink something tall icy and alcoholic; spill it on yourself and don't care; throw the glass; keep on dancing.

I'm about to go to Fire Island for the weekend and this is the song I wish I could hear all weekend. Instead I'm sure I'll hear some tired Lady Gaga remix.
Maybe I can convince some dj... Summer is great.
Enjoy ladies and gents.

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