Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Tanger Outlets Commercial


I mean, WHEN was this commercial produced? Tanger Style! What?
Watch it:

Apparently Tanger Outlet Centers are a chain of outlet malls (30 malls in 21 states) with locations in places like Myrtle Beach, SC, Fort Myers, FL, and Branson, MO and of course two on Long Island. I've never been to one, but lately I've been seeing the commercial and I just cannot believe it. The styling, the model, the modeling (specifically right before the end...um...), the narration by "Steve Tanger, CEO of Tanger Outlets", and his weird accent (check out how he says "Direct from the manufacturers" at 0:19), the graphics, her hair, everything. I mean, really. You think with that many locations they could hire an art director who would in turn hire a stylist, a director, a hair stylist...ANYBODY.

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