Monday, July 6, 2009

Beach Houses in the Fire Island Pines

I've been going out to Fire Island for the past few years and I always stay with friends in Cherry Grove. This year we're all renting a place together. I love our place, I love the grove. It's really the perfect combination of great beach, beach shacks, funny/tragic night life, drag queens, leather daddies. It's own little lovely freak show.

But, every time I take a walk down the beach to the Pines I can't help but gawk at how amazing the houses are. My dad is an architect and growing up I would come home and pore through his art and architecture books. One of my favorites was a classic book from 1970 called Vacation Houses. Imagine a lot of bentwood chairs and modular sofas in houses made of slatted wood and giant glass walls with spiral staircases and views onto mountains and beaches and creeks and lakes. Imagine me in total heaven going through the books imagining the parties I would have and the travel I would do. Well many of those houses in that book are Fire Island Pines houses that you can still see today.

Here are a few I snapped the other day. I still dream of the parties I could have.

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